Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Previously on Instagram, I have done a thing on my story where you guys send in topics or specific scenarios that you want advice on and I help you out! After doing this, a few people messaged me and said they would like me to do a blog post on it, so here we go! A couple of weeks ago, I asked on my story if anyone had anything situations they needed advice on, or any topics I should discuss and I got quite a few replies! I’m going to try my best to cover as many as possible!

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Friendships + friendship drama

We’ve all had our fair share of friendship drama! My biggest tip for friendships is to put yourself first; make sure you are happy and that it is benefiting you, otherwise it may be toxic. Another sign to look out for is to make sure you aren’t feeling pressured. As for friendship drama, the chances is that it will pass. But again, if it gets too toxic, just distance yourself and let it blow over.

Removing toxic people from your life    


Guest Bloggers

BLOGGER INTERVIEW w/ @askalexblog

Hey everyone, happy Sunday! My exam study leave starts tomorrow and my first two exams are on Tuesday and I am so so nervous! However, today’s blog post isn’t about exams (thank God, I need a distraction!). Today I am talking to the lovely Alex! Alex and I collabed at the beginning of the month; I wrote a book review on my favourite book ‘One Of Us Is Lying’, which you can read here. That post was so much fun, so I asked Alex if she wanted to come back on the blog again, and she said yes!

I have asked Alex some of the normal questions and then some which are more tailored to her and her niche! I really hope lots of you reading will discover a new blogger today! If you want to check out Alex’s amazing blog, click here and if you want to give her a check follow on the ‘gram, click here.


To start off the interview, tell us about your blog, your instagram and the things you like to post about.

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mental health · shout to society


Hey everyone and welcome back to the blog. Today’s blog post is another post in my ‘Shout To Society’ series. I am going to be talking about exam stress, pressure and hopefully attempt to give you some advice and techniques. Unfortunately, it’s that time of the year where exam season begins. My exams actually start on Monday and I’m petrified; I can’t wait for them to be over and done with. I hope this can help out lots of people as I know exams are a common struggle and they can make life very stressful.


I feel like exams have been made such a big thing now and this is partly down to an increase in the difficulty of the exams, the extra pressure surrounding them but also through the media and people sharing their experiences and making them out to be worse than they actually are.

Exams are so huge these days. First of all, there is so much pressure surrounding them. One thing that I struggle with is the predicted grades that we get set; they seem so high and unattainable! I was having a conversation about this on a live video I did last weekend and we all came to the conclusion that they don’t mean anything. You can achieve so much better or so much worse than your predicted grade, so I would say ignore them! Furthermore, I feel like exams have now turned into a competition, instead of just being a personal thing. It’s really hard to not compare yourself to other people and focus on only your goals.

Nowadays, there is also so much stress surrounding exams. I think this is partly down to how much pressure there is, but also I think it is due to how serious these exams are made to feel. I agree that these exams matter, but, in my opinion, the exam processes are so toxic and provide so much extra anxiety. For example, the exam hall makes everything so much scarier and the atmosphere is so hard to deal with.

We have to do revision, which is obviously extremely helpful but can also make us feel more stressed about the topics. Studying is honestly so stressful!

Also, I want to talk about the way in which the stress and pressure of exams have been  magnified in the media. For example, meme accounts! I won’t lie, some of them are so funny and crack me up so bad, but some just scare me. I’m sat there thinking….’sh*t, is it really going to be that bad’. I hope you know the ones I am talking about.

I do believe there are some ways in which you can decrease the stress around exams. There are some techniques that I have found work best for me:

  1. Don’t forget self care! This one is super important! Exam season can be such a stressful time, so its best to keep yourself as happy as possible. It’s also a good idea to have regular breaks when revising.
  2. Sorry if me saying this annoys you, but get sufficient sleep, drink lots of water and eat healthily. Clean eating and treating your body well can really your mindset when it comes to exams.
  3. Spend lots of time with friends. I love this tip; its fun and helps you to destress. Friends are honestly just the best things! Spend some time with them as a distraction from all your work and stress during the exam period.
  4. Believe in yourself! This one is super important! Exams are all about mindset; if you go into an exam hall feeling like you’re going to fail then the chances are you will! So it’s best to go in feeling optimistic!
  5. Get support and talk to someone. If you are struggling, it’s totally ok to reach out and talk to someone. Talking about how you are feeling may relieve your stress and also you might get some strong exam techniques specific to you!
  6. Know that you aren’t alone. Feeling lonely is the worst thing. There are thousands of people up and down the country also going through exams and no one is enjoying them.


I decided to ask a few people what they find most stressful about exams and what they do to reduce this stress:

Alma, @almasparkless:    

”I think one of the stressful parts of exams could be the pressure on students to do good on their exams, for example in some schools there’s so much competition between pupils that it stresses them out and doesn’t allow them to study to LEARN that subject, but only to pass the grades. I believe people should study subjects they enjoy, because otherwise they’re just memorising a bunch of phrases that’ll leave their memory in a while. When you truly enjoy and understand a subject, it fascinates you and you’ll do better in exams and any future work related to the subject. Another cause of stress for me personally is the anxiety caused by not reaching deadlines. Sometimes our todo lists truly are full to the brim and you suddenly realise you’ve got so much to do yet so little time and it makes you panic a bit. I try to always plan ahead for exams and set myself a revision schedule which I write and tick off through out the days/weeks up to the exam. Also exercising is honestly such a key point in battling stress & anxiety. When studying we could spend hours behind a desk/table, we forget we need to get our bodies active too. It doesn’t have to be the gym, it could be a walk around the park, or even a simple home workout routine. Just something to get the needed hormones like endorphins going in our bodies to help combat the stress.”

Beth, @_bethmckenzie:    

”I think that nowadays there is so much pressure put onto students from teachers, parents and other classmates! it’s so important to keep your own goals in mind and not compare your scores/goals to anyone else’s! I think the most stressful thing about exams is feeling like your are being compared to other students in your class! There isn’t really a specific technique I use to deal with it I just try and remember the my best is exactly what it is MY best no one else’s! As long as I try my best I know I should be proud.”

Lauren, @laurxnnicole:  

”I find a lot of things stressful about exams:

  1. The conditions. This is stressful because it’s so formal and you feel a pressure when your in the room as it’s so tense, I always feel as if I’m doing something wrong.
  2. The pressure. This pressure could be from anyone e.g. teachers, parents, family members, yourself and everyone’s pressure is relative as it all depends how high the bar is that you and other people have set. Sometimes pressure can be imagined or real so you can sometimes feel a pressure that isn’t even there which can be extremely damaging to mental health.
  3. Not feeling content with how much revision you’ve put in. There is nothing nothing worse than going into an exam feeling like you don’t know anything or you haven’t done enough in preparation and even if you have I think that everyone experiences this at some point. It’s so easy to think your friends have done more than you and that makes you stress even more.
  4. COMPARISON. This is my biggest weakness by far; I always compare myself to others and it’s so unhealthy but it’s easier said than done to not compare. I do this all the time even when it’s not exam related and it can be so so damaging to your mental health and well-being. People tend to compare the amount and type of revision they’ve done with other people but at the end of the day everything is relative to you and one revision method may work for you but not for your friends. ”

Alex, @aslalexblog:      

”One thing I find most stressful about exams is time management. One thing I like to do that my mom taught me is to go through the whole test answering all the problems/questions i know first to earn as many points as possible, then I go back and do the hard ones.”

Amalia, @amaliamvria:

”I had a lot of stress lately and at one exam I completely blocked and just wrote nothing. I was just afraid of writing something wrong and getting a bad mark cause I was used to only get good marks. After this i just realized that sometimes a good mark isn’t the most important thing in life. I just cool down before writing an exam. I just tell myself to write ANYTHING it doesn’t matter what if you just cool down, tell yourself you know some answers even if you don’t know all it isn’t important. And it really helps me. Before an exam, everybody says, ‘oh I don’t know anything and I m afraid of writing this exam…‘ and so on, but I only say, maybe I’ll fail, I don’t care, it’s just an exam, I’ll pass it if I write only everything I know and so I do.”

Thanks so much for reading today’s blog post! If anyone wants any extra support then feel free to drop me a dm and I would be so happy to talk about whatever is worrying you! Let’s all enter this exam season with a positive mindset, smash these exams and get them over and done with! Make sure to head over to and follow my instagram @gracedoesblogs, if you want to be involved in blog posts like some of the lovely girls I included today! I would also love it if you could subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss future uploads. See you soon!

Grace x



Hey guys, welcome back to the blog or welcome if you are new! Today I am going to be sharing with you the second half of my Paris adventures! If you missed the first part of my travel diaries, you can check it out here. I visited some amazing places which I talked about in that blog post so make sure you don’t miss out! In this second instalment, I am going to focus on what I got up to in the last 2 and a half days of my trip!

Sunday started off with a walk to the Observation Tower which lead us over the River Seine and via the Luxembourg Gardens. We stopped and supported  the people running the marathon as we crossed the bridge! I honestly have so much respect and admiration for the people that were able to run the marathon, what an incredible achievement! We continued our walk through the Luxembourg Gardens, which were beautiful and a lovely, much – needed change of scenery from the Parisian architecture.



We then went up the Observation Tower, which I must say was a big achievement for me. First of all, I had to get into a tight lift with lots of people and go up really high. Heights are one of those things that I always fear but in reality I’m not actually scared of them. I’m afraid of the fear around them… so deep… But I was fine! I got another amazing view of Paris and I could see for miles with a 360 degree view! The first platform was 194 metres up and the roof top view was at 204 metres!


After, we visited my favourite monument of the whole trip, which I was rather surprised by; the Louvre. I am honestly obsessed with this building as well as the glass pyramid. Architecture has always interested me and I found the modern glass pyramid against the historical museum to be really cool! I also snapped that iconic Louvre pic, so I was a happy gal.

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This was followed by a crepe, so I mean, I wasn’t complaining! I ate way too many pancakes on this trip…whoops! That was it for the Sunday! We actually had a night in too, which was super chilled and a nice break from all the walking! My dad made a tapas starter which was followed by a classic tomato sauce and spaghetti meal! YUM.


Sunday was definitely my favourite day of the whole trip! I loved it.

Monday started in the grounds of the Louvre as we walked from there down the Champs-Elysées, which is the famous shopping street, to the Arc de Triompe. The building was another beautiful one! We walked up the 284 steps  to the top viewing platform. As the Arc de Triomphe is located on a roundabout, it was so cool to see the 12 different turnings! I could again see for miles around the city, which was so amazing.


We then walked for miles and miles to see the Opera House, otherwise known as the Place de L’Opéra. The building was beautiful but whether it was worth the long walk or not I don’t know! By the time we sat down for a drink, me feet were in so much pain! Later that evening, we went out for dinner and then just as we were finishing our meals and paying the bill, we caught wind that the Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire.


At first, we really didn’t believe it. But, as we walked around backloads to our apartment, the large clouds of smoke made it obvious that something was wrong. From the street, we had a clear view of the cathedral and watched as the spire came down, followed by the roof. It was so so sad to watch, especially as lots of people around us were looking so distraught. We went back to our apartment and watched the updates on the news. It was a tragedy and I am still struggling to understand that it really did happen and that I was in fact there. My thoughts go to anyone who suffered from the loss of this beautiful cathedral.

Tuesday was our last day in the beautiful city of Paris, and we didn’t have much time before our train home. We decided, like almost everyone else in Paris, to go and look at the damage the fire caused to the Notre Dame. The atmosphere was so strange; it was dead quiet like nothing was wrong, yet everyone was staring at the damaged Notre Dame, all thinking about the same thing. As we walked around the cathedral (from a distance as lots of the streets and bridges were blocked off), we saw so many camera crews and news reporters, it was such a crazy experience. One bridge in particular was packed! There were so many people it was so different to anything I had experienced before.


Then, we had to make our way to the station to hop on the Eurostar home.

Overall, I had the most amazing trip and I am so grateful I got to go with my family! Across the 5 days that I was in Paris for, I walked a grand total of 54km, and my claves were definitely feeling it at some points! But, I got some beautiful pictures, had amazing experiences and made some precious memories.

Thank you so much for reading! I have really enjoyed talking about my city break and sharing my experiences with all of you. Although it was a over a week ago now, my thoughts are still with all of those who suffered in any way from the burning of the Notre Dame, and I really hope the beautiful cathedral gets rebuilt as it once was! Make sure you follow me on Instagram: @gracedoesblogsto help me decide which blog posts I should do next and see even more Paris pics! Please subscribe to my blog to make sure you won’t miss any future uploads either! See you all soon!

Grace x



Hey hey hey! Welcome back to my blog :)) I am super excited for today’s blog post as I have been thinking about writing it ever since I found out I was going to Paris! Paris is the one city that has been on my travel bucket list for the longest time and I was so grateful my family and I got the opportunity to visit! The whole city was absolutely beautiful as you will see from some of the pictures I am going to include! In today’s blog post I am going to write about my first 2 days and then on Wednesday, I will post part 2 all about the second half of my trip! Hope you enjoy!!

I really struggle with flying, so we decided to go to Paris on the Eurostar, which I was really grateful about. The train was super comfortable and I didn’t feel anxious at all! We sat around a table so we had a lot of space. Immediately after we arrived at the station, we got a taxi to our apartment which was on the top floor of a block! It was beautiful and so modern inside, a perfect pad for a city break! Now onto my Paris adventures…

When we arrived, we just wanted to explore the city. So, my Mum decided to go and visit our first landmark, one that was practically on the other side of Paris, meaning we got to walk through lots of streets and grasp an idea of the culture! We decided to visit the Sacre Coeur. However, before we got there, we passed and walked around the Georges Centre Pompidou as it was en route, and stopped at a cafe for lunch. I got a classic ratatouille, which was delish but ngl, not at all photogenic!

The walk to the Sacre Coeur was a lengthy one, but the views were amazing. If I am remembering correctly, I think the Sacre Coeur is the highest point in Paris, and you really could see so much of the landscape. I would definitely say the trek it was worth it. The cathedral itself was beautiful; inside was so pretty! The engraving in the stone was amazing and so intricate!


shout to society


Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog! Today’s post is another instalment into my ‘Shout To Society‘ series. I am going to be talking about the ideal figure, what that means, wheat that has become in the media and everything that is so hideously wrong with that image we all know.

I have wanted to write this blog post for a long time and I am so glad I have finally got around to it. The topic is so so important and instead of being stopped, this image is regularly employed and further promoted. I have such strong opinions on this topic, yet I am still going to try to focus on all the potential view points as best I can.


When scrolling through Instagram, we look at all these beautiful model influencers and instantly compare ourselves to them.


easter · Recipes


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Easter is right around the corner and so I thought….who doesn’t want a naughty recipe? I figured that today I would share with you guys my recipe for Easter nest cakes after you guys asked for that on my Instagram!

This recipe requires only 5 ingredients, and each are ones you will most definitely have in the kitchen cupboards around Easter time, (or just in general if you’re a bit of a chocaholic like me!). This recipe makes 6 nest cakes, but you can always increase or reduce the measurements to get the right quantities for the number of cakes you want to make! Super simple yet super tasty!

Here is how to make these yummy nest cakes: