Hey legends, welcome back to the blog! Today I’m going to be doing a lil’ blog post talking about the thing I love most… ORGANISATION! I wanted to share with you some of my tips and tricks on how to increase organisation, because I really believe having it together makes your life so much easier!

My number one tip for organisation is GET A PLANNER. I swear by planners, whether its a weekly planner or just a section in my bullet journal. Having my week laid out in front of me and being able to allocate tasks to different days makes the workload much less stressful!

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I would recommend planning a week in advance! Your planning doesn’t need to be tight (hour to hour kind of stuff), but just to have an overall idea of what your next week is looking like might make you feel a bit more at ease!

In order to stay organised throughout the day, after you have made your to do list, you must MANAGE YOUR TIME. Time management means allocating time slots to each task you have to do, in order to allow each task to be completed. I don’t always use this tip, but if you have lots of important deadlines coming up, I would recommend it! Stick to your so called ‘timetable, and the chances are you will get a lot more done!

Make a TO DO LIST. You guys know from my Instagram stories that a to do list is my thing! They make me so much more productive, and it is a lovely way to bring you guys through my day! But they seriously help me get more organised. It’s different from a planner as it doesn’t aid you in ‘planning’ but in the ‘doing’. If you feel a bit demotivated then I reckon this is the option for you!

If you want to read more about how to make an effective to do list, I wrote about it in a previous blog post that is linked here.

HAVE A CLEAN SPACE to work in. I work so much better in a clean, tidy environment as there are less distractions. Plus, I feel more organised when everything is away in its specific home. You can easily find the things you need and then less time is wasted rooting around!

Speaking of cutting down on time, I would highly recommend HAVING A MORNING ROUTINEOne of my fave fellow blogging gals Raquel, recently did an amazing morning routine blog post which she titled ’10 Things to do in the First 20 Minutes of Waking Up’ – a post which I found extremely helpful! (Click on the title to read it). The post reminded me of how much time you can waste in the mornings scrolling through your phone or laying around in bed; procrastinating!

Having a strict morning routine which can easily be kept to can make you feel more organised as you know exactly what the first thing to do it when you get out of bed in the morning.

BE PREPARED FOR THE NEXT DAY. You guys might think this is beyond obvious, but it is essential, and I know for a fact that not everyone does this! Get out your clothes, your accessories, pack your bags – just be ready! Another time saving tip!!

I really can’t stress how important being organised is! It can decrease stress so much and really save time!

That’s just about it – hope you guys can utilise some of these tips and now feel more motivated and organised. If you didn’t know what I meant by the to-do lists on my stories, feel free to hit up my gram @gracedoesblogs. See you guys soon for another blog post!!

Grace x



  1. What a fab post Grace!! I absolutely love these tips, and thank you for mentioning me – it means the world that you found that post helpful 🙂


    1. thank you so much Raquel!! you’re welcome- all your posts inspire me so much! you’re defo one of my fave bloggers xxx


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